how to turn a girl on to the max

Tips for How to Turn a Girl On to the Max

Let’s face it, guys. Girls know how to turn you on, but sometimes getting them to the right spot can take some time. And work. But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with some amazing tips for how to turn a girl on to the max.

Whether you’re new to the game or you just want to add some spice to your sex life, we can help you get your girl revved up and ready to go. How well? We’re talking toes curling, fists clenching, high-intensity fun — the kind of action that guys tell one another about over drinks. And the best news is that there aren’t any insane tricks or gimmicks, just some simple tools that make all the difference.

Ready to play? Here are three challenges every guy faces and some easy ways to overcome them.

She’s Stressed Out

Stress is the #1 turnoff for a woman, and it can hit from work, family, or feeling like the guy wants something she can’t (or isn’t in the mood) to deliver. So do this.

Give Her a Massage

Start with the hands or feet. That may be enough to heat things up, but the neck and lower back also hold a lot of tension AND are top e-zones for a girl.

Don’t go too fast. You might be ready to hit it, but you’re trying to get her in the mood. Just pay attention to her muscles relaxing and you’ll be on the way.

Work Out With Her

Yeah, it sounds crazy, but if she likes yoga, meditation, or the gym, join her.

Physical activity is a huge stress reliever, increases blood flow, and raises endorphins that can flip the switch.

Clean Up Your Act

Women hate it when guys don’t care for themselves, and that causes stress for everyone.

Simple solution? Take a shower and put some effort into how you look when hanging out. Knowing that you’re at your physical best will help you act confident and in charge.

Being Taken for Granted

Women often feel like they’re not appreciated, but letting them know how much you care can really turn a girl on to the max. Here’s how to do it.

Be Your Best Self

You know what that means. Be the guy that got her talking to you in the first place. Don’t be a dick. When you’re the good guy she likes, things are always better — and hotter.

Get Her a Gift

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it DOES have to be thoughtful.

Whisper in Her Ear

Ears are an erogenous zone for both sexes, and the light pressure of your breath will probably feel good. Saying the right things will also turn her on, like, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you today…”

Caress Her 

Lightly brush the back of your fingers over the side of her face, or secretly touch her neck or lower back when no one’s looking.

One top e-zone? The back of her legs and calf. Help her with her shoes and a subtle leg massage could turn into something more…

BONUS POINTS: Whatever caress you offer, try to lock eyes with her at the same time. Once that starts with that kind of connection, things naturally get moving.

Take Her Out

Girls just want to have fun — so help them do it. It doesn’t have to be crazy, just something that lets you both relax.

Suggest going out with a group of friends if she’s a little shy, or just the two of you if you want to up the romance.

One surprising turn-on when going out?

Strip clubs. (But pick a nice/fun one, dude!)

See if your girl has done it before or if she’s up for the adventure. Again, if bringing a group of friends will make her feel more comfortable, then do it. The sexy vibe in these places makes for an amazing night.

You Don’t Understand/Appreciate Her

If you want to know how to turn a girl on to the max, then make sure she knows you want her. Not just in bed (or bent over the kitchen table) but emotionally, too. That internal connection gets a lady moving, and you can show her that you care and appreciate her in some simple ways.

Focus on Her Erogenous Zones

Have you focused on what she wants? Before you dive down south right away (women are turned on differently than guys), try some more intimate areas using light touches and soft, slow kisses. Neck, throat, collarbones, and shoulders are a good start.

  1. Feet and ankles
  2. The small of her back (toward the bottom of the spine)
  3. Back of the knees
  4. Inner thighs
  5. Ears
  6. The inside of her upper arm

Help Her Feel Attractive

Pay her a compliment. Lower the volume and tone of your voice slightly, and say something like “You look amazing today” or “I love your eyes.”

Follow Her Speed

Real sex isn’t always like the fast action you see on TV (between commercial breaks). Take your time when you undress her. It’s better for her, and creates incredible tension.

Give Her What She Wants in Bed

Sometimes a woman wants to take the lead — so let her. And if she wants you to be in charge, find out what she’s been fantasizing about.

Go Down South

Pay attention to her cues for when to keep going, speed up, or slow down.

Not something you like doing?

Take it into the shower. The water offers new sensations and will make everything easier.

Mix It Up

Boredom and predictability are the biggest killers. Try mixing it up in the kitchen, or in the car when you’re headed back from dinner one night.

Lube & Toys

A little extra lube never hurt anyone, and it always adds to the moment. A water-soluble lubricant keeps everything slick and sexy-feeling if you plan on some prolonged fun.

Remember this…

Girls have fantasies, too, and there’s nothing wrong with indulging them. That includes seeing if a vibrator, blindfold, and other toys can add some spice.

Simple tricks for how to turn a girl on to the max? Yes. But they have been shown to turn a girl on the max. Try out one, two, or more and see where they take you.

Good luck!