10 Kidnapped Kids Who Narrowly Escaped

Whenever you hear reports of a missing or kidnapped child on the news, there usually isn’t a happy ending. Many vanish forever, never to be seen or heard from, again.

But despite the thousands of kids that go missing each year that are never found, there are some cases that were miraculously solved. Thanks to investigators, their families, the public, and a little luck (or mistake on their captors part), they managed to escape from a life of imprisonment.

These 10 people were discovered after being kidnapped as young children and spending years in captivity. One of the victims, Jaycee Dugard, was found after spending nearly 20 years with her kidnappers.

1. Elizabeth Shoaf

In 2006, the 14-year-old was kidnapped by Vinson Filyaw. He posed as an officer and snatched her while she was walking home from a bus stop. Elizabeth was in captivity for 10 days.