WATCH: Puppy’s Reaction to Mail Delivery Is Priceless

As funny viral videos go, there’s nothing better than the ones featuring pets — specifically ones with a puppy or dog. In this case, it’s Henry the dog. The trick here is that while Henry loves the mail, he doesn’t like paying bills! Check out the video here, then learn more about the rise of dogs over social media.

Puppy Dogs & Social Media

Funny puppy and dog videos are, as they say, having a moment.

“Internet doggos are supplying a much needed diversion from the humourless drudgery that makes up much of the modern social web,” the BBC’s Dave Lee wrote. 

Along those same lines, Salon’s Keith A. Spencer notes that the rise in dog popularity coincided with the rise of Donald Trump as president, and the need for more comforting animals.

“So, there’s one hypothesis,” Spencer wrote. “It could be that dogs are just a salve for the anxiety-ridden times that we live in, an antidote to the Trump/Brexit era of hate, racism and xenophobia. Trump and the alt-right may be seething with hate, but dogs love unconditionally. As much as we love cats for their sassiness and poise, they just can’t comfort us like man’s best friend.

That’s all fine in theory, but here’s what the data says.

The Data

According to an Instagram report, 22 of the 50 most followed pet accounts are dog-related. That’s compared to only 18 that are cat-related. “Based upon the data, looks like dogs are the new favorite :),” Instagram’s spokesperson emailed

Gizmodo notes that “At this point the phrase ‘cat video’ is practically synonymous with adorable frivolous time-wasting digital diversion.” Maybe so, but that hasn’t been the case according to Google Trends. Searches for dog videos surpassed searches for cat videos in 2014 and has essentially remained higher ever since.

Dogs are also hot over on Reddit. In 2017, more than half of the 100 most popular posts on /r/aww (the section featuring things that make you say, “Aww!” were about dogs. Since 2008, when the subreddit was created, the share of the top 100 posts featuring dogs has tripled. 

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