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WATCH: Swimming Hole Is Thrill-Seekers’ Paradise

Welcome to Jacob’s Well, a swimming hole that offers great beauty above, and dangerous caves below it’s pristine waters. See what divers have uncovered.

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puppy reacts to mail delivery

WATCH: Puppy’s Reaction to Mail Delivery Is Priceless

As funny viral videos go, there’s nothing better than the ones featuring pets — specifically ones with a puppy or dog. In this case, it’s Henry the dog. The trick here is that while Henry loves the mail, he doesn’t like paying bills! Check out the video here, then learn more about the rise of […]

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WATCH: The Cutest Argument Over the Weather

We have never seen an argument over the weather as adorable as this one. Back in 2014 (or thereabouts), two youngsters had a battle over whether it was sprinkling or raining outside. And although we usually try to resolve fights between children, we could let this one go on for ages. It’s just that entertaining, […]

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WATCH: Tourists Capture Rare Sight of a Whale Giving Birth

A rare sight was caught on camera by a group of tourists, when a whale gave birth to a tiny new calf. At first you see water tinged with what looks like blood, then see the dorsal fin of the tiny calf bouncing up and down out of the water, with the protective mother closely […]

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WATCH: Teen Stops Robbery During Job Interview

Back when Devin Washington was 18, he thought he was going in for a standard job interview at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen location in New Orleans. He had no idea he was about to become something of a hero. What happened? Washington foiled an attempted robbery that happened in the middle of his job interview. […]

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Blacksmith ‘Proves’ 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Are ‘Moronic’

The blacksmith in this video has obviously had enough of the conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks in New York. Conspiracy theorists have long held that the steel within the buildings at the World Trade Center couldn’t possibly have melted, causing the towers to collapse. To make his point, he uses some fancy blacksmithing tools […]

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first kiss video kablooey

‘It Just Goes Kablooie’ – Boy Describes First Kiss in Funny Video

Watch this clip from America’s Funniest Home video and see why it’s gone viral.

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