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Famous Boy ‘Who Came Back from Heaven’ Admits It Was All Just a Lie

The Ohio boy who became famous for claiming he visited heaven while trapped in a coma eventually admitted that the entire story was a lie. When Alex Malarkey was six-years-old, he was involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed, reports the Washington Post. Upon awakening from his deep sleep, he told his family […]

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20 Best Deleted Meghan Markle Instagram Photos

Once she started dating Prince Harry, her social accounts vanished. But we did some digging. You’re welcome!

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Cute sesame street video

WATCH: The Cutest ‘Sesame Street’ Moment Ever

Of the many cutest Sesame Street videos out there, this one could quite possibly be the most adorable one we’ve ever seen.

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5 Strange Cases of Accused Animal Spies

In April, Norwegian researchers apprehended a beluga whale that had been harassing local fishermen. According to Insider, experts at Norway’s Institute of Marine Research have come to the conclusion that the whale is likely a tool of the Russian military. The article reports, “[the whale] “had an attachment that could fit a GoPro camera and […]

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