6 Ways Rubber Bands Can Revolutionize Your Life

The humble rubber band. It can be a great blessing to hold things together — like a folded newspaper or a bundle of crayons. We collect them in a bowl in the junk drawer because we know we may need one one day.

And yet when that day comes, there is always a bit of nervousness. Will it work? Or will it be like that moment when you were a child and, upon pulling a rubber band apart, it suddenly snapped with a shocking smack to the skin?

Fear not, because this video will make you a fan of the band in no time.

WATCH: 6 Incredible Rubber Band Hacks

Why The Fear?

It all stems from our youth.

Yes, most of us have a small fear of the rubber band. Mostly they startle us when they break, but a broken band can sting. And, yet, they can be life-changing.

No eraser? Check! Can’t keep a boiling lid on a pot? Check!

And speaking of “check” — check out all these useful ways you can use your friendly little rubber band in the video above.