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40 Finished Films That Moviegoers Will Never See

Hollywood is the land of dreams, but for some, it can be a nightmare — and this list of films that never got released proves it.

Filmmakers put their necks on the line when taking on the responsibility of bringing a script to life. But while creating a movie is a daunting task, managing the behind-the-scenes politicking to get it distributed can be even worse.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why there’s no shortage of finished motion pictures that fail to hit the big screen. You might be surprised to find out that some of your favorite actors are featured in these films and their five seconds of fame faded rather quickly. 

Here, we take a look at 40 of them.

“Glitterati” (2001)

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Shady tactics implemented within the movie business is nothing new, but director Roger Avery took it to a new level with his 2001 motion picture Glitterati

Why? Because the controversial filmmaker didn’t even inform many of those on screen that they were being filmed for a movie. Thus, it has never seen the light of day.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” (1984)

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This next film, Nothing Lasts Forever, certainly proved to be as short-lived as its name. The film was doomed as a motion picture upon its completion. Despite a strange plot involving a mission to outer space, the 1984 film never made a theatrical appearance in the US. And the reasons for this have yet to be disclosed.

The next movie had it all — music, dance, and Zoe Saldana…