30 Insanely Cool Pieces of Royal Memorabilia

Collecting royal memorabilia is a tradition as old as curtsies and afternoon tea and if you really want to make a royal watcher happy, there is no better holiday gift. From the ridiculous to the sublime, from new merch to rare classics, here are 30 Insanely Cool Pieces of Royal Memorabilia.

1. Crochet Harry and Meghan

Photo: Etsy

We can only imagine the hours of painstaking work that went into this crochet version of Harry and Meghan! Even their little coats are even removable! At just under $72, these handmade dolls are a bargain!

2. Harry and Meghan Prayer Candle

She may not be in the Royal Court any longer, but many still see Meghan Markle as a goddess. And for those people, royal-watching is a true religion. For those people, we recommend this set of M & H prayer candles.

3. Harry and Meghan Commemorative Spoon

Photo: Amazon

Yes, it’s completely useless and maybe even a little old-fashioned but who doesn’t love a good commemorative spoon? This one featuring the Duke and Duchess on their wedding day is a must-have for Meghan fans. 

4. Harry and Meghan Cardboard Cut-Out

Photo: Amazon

What better way to feel close to Harry and Meghan than to have this life-sized cardboard cut-out in your home? At just under $35 this is a great way to liven up a party and give your Insta-happy friends something to post.

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