2-Year-Old HATES Learning She Has a Newborn Sister

One of the best pieces of news anyone can ever receive is the news about a new baby in the family! Unless, of course, you’re little Piper.

Finding out that you’re having a new sibling can be hard for a lot of young children, more so for this little one. Adorable 2-year-old Piper has a meltdown temper tantrum after finding out that she has a newborn baby sister coming home from the hospital.

Yes, it starts with just plain screaming, but wait until the father speaks. Once he starts asking Piper questions, the reasons for her emotional fit are very clear — and hilarious.

Clearly, Piper wants no part in the homecoming for her new sibling.

Check out the video for all the joy. And screams.

WATCH: 2-Year-Old Devastated About Finding Out She Has A Newborn Sister