next-gen programmatic reimagined

intelligently designed full-stack, programmatic dsp engineered to scale – blending intuitive functionality with flexible infrastructure – we’re forging the future in performance

intelligence and control – delivered

  • unmatched transparency – get full transparent ad-level data visualization complete with granular insights into attribution and price optimization metrics
  • flexible bidding – create intelligence backed, custom-bidding strategies for segmented data targeting with precision for buy efficiency
  • audience control – tailor specific inventory, site placements, and ad types to reach custom audience segments to drive superior engagement, and yield more conversions
  • brand safety and fraud protection – integrated with ias and moat to filter buys for ad view-ability and integrity for optimal media placements
  • omnichannel targeting – scale your campaigns across all screens and formats while reducing your costs and maximizing your working media dollars

crafted for engagement and conversion

the current state of programmatic buying is broken due to the proliferation of one-size-fits-all platforms that have given rise to poor engagement, misunderstood results and mediocre performance

that’s why we invested the time and effort to craft a unique platform geared to fix this issue

get access to powerful data, and the tools and resources to tailor your strategy to ensure the success of your programmatic media buys

get content in front of the right people

reach your audience on a personal level by delivering highly-relevant content to inspire engagement and quality conversions

watch your content funnel work

today’s programmatic advertising landscape has become far more complex and saturated. platforms designed to function using a one-size-fits-all approach makes it easy for brands to overspend with little or no return

not funnelwide – we built a custom-tailored solution with you in mind – isn’t that refreshing?

we deliver intelligent insights and unmatched visibility into your content funnel’s performance metrics – saving you time and money

one platform, one invoice

connects you to tailored supply you need, with full transparency and control, and one invoice – it’s simplicity redefined