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A Platform Designed For Conversion

We know the world of content marketing is broken, so we built our own proprietary platform to fix it. From a conversion-focused approach to automated optimization and infinite scalability, we’re evolving the landscape of content marketing one funnel at a time.

Building the Funnels

The core of Funnelwide’s technology rests on the concept of funnels. Funnels are the paths your consumers take to get to your point of conversion. This includes ads, sponsored content, landing pages, and conversion points. Scroll below to explore just how funnels are built and how they define your success.

Creating Native Ad Groups

The technology starts by creating native ads which grab the attention of your prospective customers and pull them into your predetermined funnels.

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Integrating Sponsored Content

The next step is to create a variety of engaging content pages that explain your value proposition to prospective customers. Then we test funnels to this sponsored content — as well as direct funnels that skip this step — to drive users to your conversion pages.

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Skipping Mid-Funnel

Most funnels also test a path that takes consumers directly from the native ad to your home page or shopping cart.

Managing Conversion Click-Paths

Next, we determine a multitude of conversion pathways for your consumers — such as your brand’s website, shopping cart, or contact form.

Direct To Conversion

Whether its your store’s shopping cart or an email newsletter signup, this path drives users directly to your predetermined point of conversion.

Or Drive To Your Homepage

Depending on your site’s design the funnel can determine the best pages to send consumers and help you improve these pages to lift conversion rates.

Generate Conversions

The system optimizes automatically to drive the highest possible amount of quality conversions at the lowest possible cost.

Now that we’ve built some conversion funnels, it’s time to evaluate success.

Retargeting Every Potential Consumer

The system can re-message people who have engaged with the funnel, but have not converted, enticing them back into your experience.

Multistage Testing Begins

At this point, the system starts testing the funnels on certain native traffic sources, immediately collecting and analyzing data to identify the best click paths within a funnel and optimizing to the lowest cost per conversion.

Predictive Modeling Technology

Our platform allows us to reduce cost-per-conversion and determines how improvements in creative  performance, targeting and spend will affect your sales.

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Cost Per Conversion

Performance Optimization

Our platform tracks and improves the performance of your funnels by focusing on six key elements that affect cost per conversion. This allows us to consistently deliver the most sales at the lowest cost.

Bids & Conversion

Native traffic from different publishers performs differently, so we monitor and adjust bid prices on an ultra-granular level.

Block Bad Quality Clicks

Our system automatically blocks clicks coming from poor quality sources or users.

Demographics and Psychographics

We spot users from demographic or behavioral groups that are converting at higher rates, and create new funnels to target them.

Publisher, Platform, & Network

We auto-adjust bids by funnel & traffic source with predictive algorithms designed to hit your target CPC.

Daypart & Geotarget

We find time & location trends to quickly adjust bids, creating new funnels for different day parts & locations as needed.

Refresh Aging Creative Assets

Funnelwide tracks performance drop-off, and makes it easy to continually test and automatically switch to new creative.

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Block Bad
Quality Clicks

Demographics &

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Publisher, Platform
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Daypart &

Refresh Aging
Creative Assets