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The Funnelwide Solution

Online advertising can be a black hole for many marketers. We’re here to change that. Funnelwide helps businesses scale through native display advertising, creating ads and content that perform at the right price. From Facebook and Google to the smallest specialty blogs, Funnelwide is the quickest way to acquire new customers through the web.

Our Process is Tailored to Your Needs

We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your funnels perform.

Construct & Plan
Meet Your Dedicated Team

We have a robust full-service team of highly skilled individuals that are experts in all the elements of successful online campaigns — at your service.

Create & Publish
Content That Coverts

Together, we'll create ads and content pages that quickly engage and educate consumers about your product or service. These drive immediate sales and build a pool of consumers open to later persuasion. We also help you understand which consumer segments respond best and craft messages to target them at a lower cost.

Test & Optimize
Constant Improvement

Our platform automatically tests campaigns across key traffic sources to quickly identify the best funnel paths. We constantly refine and expand to other traffic sources, test new creatives, and improve performance.

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How Funnelwide Helps Your Business

We’ll find consumers who are interested right now, educate and inform them about your product or service, and move them to convert immediately. We’ll also stay connected to those that don’t act right away and get them to convert in the future.